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Choose from Pilates Ring, Balance Pad, Pilates Rotation Disc or Pilates Ball Set. Pilates Ring • Ergonomically shaped handles for a firm grip • Soft padding for comfortable training Balance Pad • Structured surface provides good stability • Approx. 25 x 40 x 6cm Pilates Rotation Disc • Adjustable length • Comfortable foam handles • Max. stretch length approx. 180cm Pilates Ball Set • Set of 3 in sizes approx. 18cm, 22cm and 25cm Pilates Assortment £5.99 each/set ONLY

• They mimic real-life movements to improve functional fitness • Help to grow and maintain muscle • Improve core stability and balance • Increase flexibility and mobility • Can be used for both cardio and strength workouts • Support good posture • Help to relieve stress

Mat not included.

• BPA free • Food safe • Microwave safe base • Choose from 3 Compartment or 4 Compartment collapsible silicone portion trays Collapsible Meal Prep Container £2.99 each ONLY

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