Aldi UK Specialbuys Thur 30 May/Sun 2 May

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Thermal Flask with 2 Cups

Available in black or stainless steel.

£6.99 each ONLY

Outdoor Travel Mug/ Bottle/Flask Available in black or grey.

£4.49 each ONLY

Camping Cookware

Cookware Set • Lightweight anodised aluminium cookware • Corrosion-resistant surface • Stackable, compact design with foldable space-saving handles • Includes 2 Saucepans, 1 Frying Pan and Mesh Carry Bag Mess Tins & Cutlery Set • Tough and durable construction • Stack together for easy transportation • Space-saving folding handles • Includes 2 Mess Tins and a Cutlery Set with Knife, Fork, Spoon and Bottle Opener

£9.99 each ONLY

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