Aldi SC Specialbuys Thur 18 / Sun 21 Feb

If you like low prices on fruit and veg...



Available from THUR 11 FEB

Chestnut Mushrooms

59 p Unwaxed Lemons 4 pack

59 250g



79 p Sweet Vine Tomatoes 250g

79 p Baking Potatoes 2.5kg

99 p Asparagus Tips 100g

99 p Blueberries 150g

26 Unwaxed Lemons 4 pack, 14.8p each. Chestnut Mushrooms 250g, £2.36 per kg. Sweet Vine Tomatoes 250g, £3.16 per kg. Baking Potatoes 2.5kg, 31.6p per kg. Asparagus Tips 100g, £9.90 per kg. Blueberries 150g, £6.60 per kg. Fruit and Veg offers available from Thursday 11 February 2021 to Wednesday 24 February 2021. New offers start Thursday 25 February 2021. Prices are correct at time of going to print but, due to growing conditions, are subject to change. Please see in store for latest offers. Products and prices may vary.

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