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quality Scottish produce...

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Filled with 100% succulent Scotch beef

Brownings the Baker. Established in 1945, Brownings The Bakers is one of the largest traditional craft bakeries in Scotland. Their specialties include morning rolls, potato scones and a range of savouries including their most famous and award-winning product, The Kilmarnock Pie. Browning’s produce luxury pies for Aldi’s specially selected range across our Scottish stores.

Luxury Pie Choose from Scotch Steak & Black Pudding, Scotch Steak & Porter Ale or Chicken, Leek & Arran Mustard. 75.6p per 100g

Kilmarnock Pie 86p per 100g

£1.89 250g

£1.29 150g

Scottish Buttermilk Soda Farls 39.5p each

79 p 2 pack

Sub Rolls Choose from Wholemeal or White. 14.8 p each

Scottish Morning Rolls 12.3p each

59 p 4 pack

49 p 4 pack

Scottish Potato Scones 10.9p each

65 p 6 pack


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