Aldi SC Specialbuys Thur 8 Feb/Sun 11 Feb 2024

Buy in store SUN 11 FEB

Choose from A. 6 pack Large Snack Bags, B. 6 pack Kids’ Design Bags, C. 4 pack Freezer Bags, D. 8 pack Small Snack Bags, E. 6 pack Aluminium Sandwich Bags Reusable Snack Bags £3.99 set ONLY

Make your leftovers last longer!





Did you know?


It’s estimated that, in the UK, we throw away around 9.5 million tonnes of food waste annually

Fresh & Freeze Boxes

Choose from 3 pack approx. 1 litre, 4 pack approx. 750ml or 5 pack approx. 500ml Containers.

£1.99 3/4/5 pack ONLY

No problem. There’s no need to let any food go to waste in your kitchen. Scan the code for helpful and easy ways to reduce waste in your home.

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