Aldi SC Specialbuys Thur 6 June / Sun 9 June

PROTEIN ALL THE WHEY! From our legendary protein puds to protein-packed brekkies, fuel your day from morning to evening at amazing prices.

A. Brooklea Protein Pouch

Choose from Raspberry, Strawberry or Peach & Passion Fruit. 44.5p per 100g 89 p ONLY 200g





Brochan Protein Flapjacks Choose from Cocoa or Salted Caramel. £1.33 per 100g

£1.99 3 x 50g ONLY

D. Harvest Morn Protein Porridge Pot Choose from Chocolate, Golden Syrup, Caramelised Biscuit or Banoffee. £1.07 per 100g 75 p ONLY 70g

F. Brooklea Protein Mousse

G. Brooklea Protein Yogurt Choose from Peach & Passion Fruit, Strawberry or Raspberry. 37.5p per 100g

E. Brooklea Protein Pudding Choose from Strawberry Delight, Chocolate or Caramel. 49.5p per 100g 99 p ONLY 200g

Choose from Chocolate, Salted Caramel or Vanilla. 64.5p per 100g

£1.29 200g ONLY

75 p ONLY 200g

Products and prices may vary across stores, Aldi Local and Scottish stores. Photography shows serving suggestion.


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