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Resin Candle Holder

£12.99 each ONLY

• Choose from Elf, Santa Letter, Christmas Trees, Merry Christmas or Snowflake designs • Approx. 40 x 60cm Christmas Coir Mat £3.99 each ONLY Welcome the festivities!

• Burn time approx. 80 hours • Choose from Purewick Jar Candle

Wonderful Snow, Winter Sledding or Cinnamon Spice

£3.99 each ONLY

• Choose from Mistletoe Heart, Gingerbread, Postcard, Houses or Tree designs • Approx. 40 x 58cm Christmas Washable Mat £1.99 each ONLY

• Available in red, white or green zinc pots • Approx. 23cm Outdoor Festive Planter £9.99 each ONLY

• British grown • Approx. 13cm Poinsettia In Sleeve £3.69 each ONLY

Indoor plant


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