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Prepare your lawn. Get your garden into shape for less.

Why scarify? • Removes dead grass and moss • Saves time and energy compared to using a manual rake • Allows light and water to reach the grass roots • After scarifying, scatter grass seed on bare patches • Avoid mowing for a week to let your lawn recover

Rake Scarifier 1500W 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator with comfortable safety bar switch, 36cmworking width and 4 adjustable working depths (-12/-8/-3/0.0mm). • 20 stainless steel blades • Height adjustable handle • Central carrying handle and wall mount • Folds away for easy storage • Includes Aerator Roller with quick release handle and 48 claws • 45 litre collection bag • 10m cable

BUY ONLINE ONLY from Sun 11 Apr £69.99 each

Vegetable Plants A selection of popular

Buy in store only THUR 15 APR

Vegetable Plants. • Potted in a pack of 10 recyclable cells • Choose from Carrot, Broccoli/ Cauliflower, Lettuce, Peas/ Mangetout or Cabbage

£1.69 10 pack

Large Foliage Plant Assorted house plants. • Choose from Fatsia Japonica, Musa, Sansevieria Mix, Dracaena Mix, Clusia or Dypsis in either 17cm or 21cm grower’s pots • Plant height 50 to 75cm depending on variety

Summer Bedding Petunia

Assorted varieties of this popular summer bedding plant in a 1 litre pot.

£9.99 each

Indoor plant

£1.79 each

Grow Your Own Sunflower/ Sweet Pea Pot

Young Plant Collection Young Plant Collection ready for planting. Choose from Hanging Basket Container Plants, Giant Flowering Trailing Fuchsia, Trailing Petunia or Premium Geranium.

Hybrid Clematis Assorted varieties of large, flowered Hybrid Clematis. A perfect addition to any fence, wall or trellis.

Terracotta pot with compost and seeds, ready to plant. Choose from Sunflower or Sweet Pea.

£3.99 each

£4.99 each

£5.99 each


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